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About Us

Green terra is a small, family-owned and operated business which has been providing services since 2017. We are passionate about taking care of the environment around us, while building connections with the people with whom we service. We provide services for irrigation, exterior lighting, landscaping and timber retaining walls.

Family Owned & Operated

Green Terra is made up of a team who are passionate about taking care of the land and people around them.

We Make Personal Connections

Wherever we do business we build connections. We are dedicated to treating everyone with kindness and we want them to know that we care. We connect with those we service on a professional and personal level. Because of that strong connection we understand on a deeper level what our customers want and we are invested in providing the best service possible.

We Really Care

Our team and family are not going to just work enough to get the job done, we will hand prune and work diligently and passionately to make sure the land and plants we are with become and stay healthy. We are a family of gardeners who want to see the land flourish and because of the way we care we guarantee that we will not take any shortcuts in delivering the highest quality service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a landscaper and gardener?

A landscaper does topical services to the landscape temporarily shaping it. A gardener understands care and maintenance for the land in a way that will provide a healthier and longer lasting change that will stay beautiful long after the job is done.

How does Green Terra pruning differ from a lawn maintenance crew?

Lawn maintenance crews do not have the same knowledge as a gardener, they use loud power tools to shape plants without much regard to the health of the plant which leaves many plants looking unhealthy and unnatural. Green Terra prunes each plant by hand which keeps them looking natural and clean. Pruning will help keep the plants healthy and free of mold.

What kind of promises can you deliver?

Satisfaction is guaranteed with any work that we do. If we are pruning your house, you are guaranteed to see a positive change to the look of your house and the health of your plants. We offer a two-year warranty for most new irrigation and installations and we also offer a one-year warranty on most repairs.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us via email or through our website at any time of day. Our hours of operation are between 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday. We are also available on Saturdays from 7am to 3pm. We ask that you give at least a 72 hour notice on any service so that we can be sure to get back to you and get you the service you need.

Phone: 404-507-4015

Email: Team@GreenTerraGA.com

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